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FOX News
Feb 19, 2011 11:00am EST
bailout, i don't think they will call it a bailout. president obama will push for assistance is what he will call it. for health care, intrastructure and things like that. i'd have to say i agree with emac, i think there will be money funneled to the government -- from the government to states. >> with republicans pushing back in the house, you think the president would get another bailout passed? >> mike took my line. it will be a bailout, but it won't be labeled as such. it will be in the form of stimulus. we've seen this before. >> don't you think the american public has wised up? haven't they figured out that a bailout under any other name is the same? >> i think the american public has wised up, but i don't think washington gets it. so it will be called something else. the crux teachers' salaries. it is about defined benefit plans. we are seeing this all over the country, even in san francisco, san francisco, interim mayor is saying our pension plan needs to be scrapped. if it isn't we are not going to be able to fund our police force. the question is, why in the private sector you
FOX News
Feb 12, 2011 11:00am EST
obama's passivity has contributed to this. although, we will see with president mubarak stepping down, president obama has a chance to convert his presidency from a jimmy carter presidency to a jfk, cuban missile crisis presidency if he brings this off. >> he does. mike, we've seen three weeks of the egyptian leadership thumbing their nose at us. is that tied in, in any way to the fact we can't get our own books in order? >> one of the things that has happened to support the 14 trillion dollars of debt, we've printed a lot of money caused the value of the dollar to fall. as far as poorer countries are concerned the impact is higher food prices. commodity prices have soared. they have trouble feeding themselves in places like egypt and other countries where the cost of food is a large portion of their total spending. that causes anti-americanism to spread. >> we can help to be focused on egypt this week. we haven't mentioned the chinese. we have very little leverage with them. that seems to be almost directly economic. >> enormous power. they have dominant position politically. do
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2